10 Best Food Business Ideas with Low Investment in India


Food is a vital component of life and has evolved significantly since the time of the Paleolithic, but it is today one of the trendiest sectors with a high demand. Budget-friendly business ventures are being launched by foodies, and one of the best things about food is that it can be enjoyed anywhere in the globe and occasionally even while traveling. This post will offer food company ideas for reasonably priced trending food establishments. Do see: food business ideas in india

 food business

Any industry that is involved in the preparation, processing, manufacturing, or packaging of food is referred to as the “food business.” It could be a profitable or unsuccessful venture that is either private or public. As I indicated in the introduction, food has grown for business ideas and is now more advanced, competitive, and sophisticated. However, the industry that we choose is extremely crucial, so here are a few options.


A fast-food restaurant offers just bare-bones table service while serving fast food fare. The menu is often predetermined here, and the food is bulk-cooked to a high degree when ordered.Any well-known fast-food chain, including Subway, Mc Donald’s, KFC, and beach shops, may be readily opened, or you can obtain a franchise of one.


India has now become a trend for cafes with amazing ambience for photos and the food differs from cafe to cafe.A café is a location where drinks, coffee, and other refreshments are offered. If you open a café, you will mostly serve locals, college students, and businesspeople.

Food trucks

Food caravan vans are becoming more and more common these days because of their versatility and ability to travel anywhere. They often offer fast food or combination meals that may be taken with you or parceled out. Despite the cheap price being given here,


The people who recommend a special diet to people based on their age, health is known as nutrition. In metro cities, there is a considerable need for certified nutritionists.

Food delivery service

If you want to be engaged in the culinary but are looking for some of the top foodservice ideas in India with cheap cost, consider establishing your company as a delivery service network for food.   It would then be your responsibility to introduce those searching  for a restaurants.

Food blogger

A food blog will come easy to you if you enjoy cooking and eating. One of the finest food service ideas in India without a major investment is becoming a food critic.

Home-made tiffin service

One of the least capital needed and helps a lot of people to have tasty and healthy food.

Bakery and personalized cakes

You will need to spend some money in a baking store before opening a pastry shop or bakery or personalized cake shops because this is a capital-intensive business.

Cooking class

You can start taking cooking class for kids first and gradually go to adults and you get a lot of capital.


You may either develop your own goods or buy a franchise from a reputable company like Mother Dairy or Amul.

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