4 Ways To Make Your Business’s Holiday Greetings Memorable

Never underestimate the power of a targeted message. Holiday greeting cards are crucial elements of any successful business strategy. Still, they can be even more critical for small businesses and those that rely on a specific or specialized clientele. Therefore, before sending out some standard holiday greetings, consider the many benefits of custom business Christmas cards.

While there are ways to utilize traditional and commercially available cards, the process is more time-consuming. For your holiday message to be compelling, you must sort through thousands of mundane and opaque holiday greetings, trying to find one that somewhat meshes with your existing branding. If you want your holiday message to stand out, you must cut out the middleman and put on your creativity cap.

1. Design Custom Business Christmas Cards

Customization is the only way to go when designing holiday cards because it gives your business complete control over the messaging. Controlling the message is crucial when staying on brand and speaking to your clients.

Companies that design Christmas cards for mass production are purposefully vague and bland because they need to appeal to a broad audience. However, you can be more specific when you know your clients and audience, allowing for more connection and a more unmistakable brand voice.

2. Send Cards Early

While many companies think they have several months to deliver Christmas cards and still be effective, they are incorrect. People tend to get excited about the first few holiday cards they receive, but the cards become monotonous and forgettable at a certain point.

The last thing you want is for your card to become forgettable. Therefore, you want to make sure to send your cards out early in the holiday season. You want clients to receive Christmas cards shortly after Thanksgiving, and you want the message to encourage holiday business.

3. Include a Gift

What are the holidays without presents? While the holidays are about much more than gifts, there is no better way to show your appreciation to your customers than with a well-thought-out surprise.

The gift does not need to be anything costly or extravagant. You can include coupons, gift cards, etc. Essentially, anything that highlights your brand and adds some value to the consumer is a good idea. For instance, if you sell kitchenware, you might consider including several holiday recipes, which cost nothing but add value to a client’s holiday.

4. Use Personalization

Have you ever received a holiday card without a personal greeting? The result is disappointment and a trip to the trash bin. People like to feel like others think of them, especially around the holidays.

Do not underestimate the value of personalization. Using a client’s name and handwriting a simple greeting or message will hold value. Therefore, when you receive your custom cards, don’t put them in the mail right away. Take the time to write a personal message to each client, showing your appreciation and their value to your business.

Are you ready to start planning your holiday card strategy? If so, check out Cards for Causes and customize your business Christmas cards.

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