5 Tips to remember when hiring an Amazon Reimbursement Agency

Have you recently reported a loss or warehouse damage to your inventory? Being an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) seller, you have the right to claim the FBA inventory reimbursement according to the rules and regulations crafted by Amazon itself. You can claim the amount for the loss that has been caused at their facility as it’s your investment that has been damaged or lost.

 It’s a common picture because Amazon has over 2.5 million sellers globally with thousands of facilities where they store the inventory. When thousands of workers are working on a massive endeavor, loss or damage of inventories is possible at unfortunate times. However, the No-1 online marketplace Amazon will pay off for the damages caused if you can file the reimbursement quoting the claim money with proper proof records.

Though many sellers prefer to DIY the reimbursement, you can hire an Amazon Reimbursement agency to get the job done more systematically. It’s for sure that most sellers are not well acquainted with the tools like Amzrefund, Refundly, or Refund Genie. If you also come on that list and don’t know how to use these tools for FBA reimbursement then hire an agency for a hassle-free claim.

Check out the five tips to remember when hiring an Amazon reimbursement agency—

A Highly Reputed Agency

Look for an agency with a higher reputation. Check the ratings and reviews on Google to know more about their caliber as reimbursement experts for FBA sellers. Satisfied customers never leave the opportunity to share their experience with the agency. That’s why the reviews help in the decision-making process of many future clients intending to hire the agency for impeccable reimbursement services.

Well-versed in both manual & automatic processes

Top agencies are well-versed in both manual and automatic processes. They know how to manually track the reimbursement and by using different tools by knowing their features of them. It becomes both a time-saving and more professional way of claiming the FBA reimbursements when you as an FBA seller faced the loss or damage of the inventories.

A confident & well-informed team

The agency should have a team of confident and well-informed professionals. It’s their years of experience that lead them to provide the most impeccable services o behalf of their clients. None of the agencies will guarantee you the reimbursement. However, they can manage to get the money from Amazon in most cases.

Offers to audit

The agencies audit the warehouse damaged FBA as a part of their package service. They’ll not charge any extra cost for the auditing.

Hassle-free services at affordable prices

Finally, you can enjoy a hassle-free reimbursement from Amazon by paying an affordable price to the agency that will rigorously work on your behalf. Starting from auditing the losses to filing the claim- they always keep an eye on the progress and share the present status with you.

These are the five tips to remember when hiring an Amazon reimbursement agency.

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