8 Reasons Why Video Rules Content Marketing

When compared to other content marketing channels, one stands out as the most effective at generating engagement and attracting attention.

In light of this, marketing experts feel more positive than ever about the ROI offered by video, as it continues to strongly influence audience understanding, clicks, leads, and sales.

Online videos are beginning to outshine all other forms of advertising. Here are seven justifications.

Video Is Preferred

If you doubt the effectiveness of video, you must investigate the habits of your target demographic. The proliferation of videos on social media cannot be ignored. So far in 2022, the most downloaded social media app is again TikTok, which is focused entirely on video sharing.

One study found that people retained 95% of the information presented in a video, compared to only 10% when reading the same information in text. That’s a bold claim, but it explains why video advertising has increased by 25% over the past six years.

Video has Great Return-On-Investment

Investigating how successful other marketers have been with video could help sway your decision to adopt it. A recent survey found that 87 percent of marketers have seen positive return on investment (ROI) from using video.

It will be necessary to weigh the cost of creating new content against the available funds. In-house marketing departments are commonplace. Your marketing team can work out the idea and story in partnership with a video production company.

Of course, you also have the option of parenting up with a business that can help you with everything from storytelling to post-production, such as Hedgehogs vs Foxes in Dublin, but this option usually costs more.

Social Platforms Are Set Up for Video

TikTok isn’t the only app that’s dedicated to video. There has been a recent uptick in the amount of video content on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All of these platforms have come up with innovative ways of disseminating short, snackable videos under the guise of “stories.”

In terms of easily shareable, short content, Instagram’s reels are a direct competitor to TikTok.

Video Can Be Distributed Worldwide

Videos shot anywhere in the world can now be easily shared across borders, giving brands access to a global audience. If someone you know likes or retweets your video, it could quickly spread to their millions of followers. 

That kind of buzz used to take months or even years for a Hollywood film to achieve. The ability to do so in a matter of minutes or seconds is extremely potent.

Video Production Is More Accessible Than Ever

The high cost of creating a video may discourage some businesses and marketing departments from investing in the medium. Although it may seem pricey at first, remember that the return on investment is high.

Full-scale production isn’t necessary for every piece of content. In reality, the vast majority of online video is of poor quality. With the advent of high-quality, low-cost cameras, and the widespread adoption of smartphones in the advertising industry, anyone can produce professional-level content with the equipment they already possess.

Video Can Improve Your SEO

The use of video on your website is just as crucial as using it on your social media pages.

One startling statistic claims that including an embedded video on your website increases your chances of being listed at the top of Google.

This can be done in a variety of ways, some of which you may already be using for your own or a client’s business, such as a homepage brand video, an “about us” page explainer video, or a team/contact page career video.

Video Builds Trust

Trust is essential in today’s dynamic and unpredictable environment. Customers are looking for brands they can trust to deliver high-quality goods and services.

This is made easier with the help of video. This is your chance to let people in on your innermost beliefs and ambitions.

When it comes to informing an audience about your product or service, nothing beats an explainer video.

Video Increases Your Click-Through Rate

Video is easier to digest and more engaging. People are more likely to share video content, so you’re building an audience for future campaigns too. Video increases your click-through rates and helps you build trust with current and potential customers. Finally, video makes your brand more memorable so that people can easily associate it with your business when they need services in the future.

The Era of Online Video Has Arrived

Today, video is the most effective medium for online advertising. It has the potential to boost revenue, bring in new customers, and forge a bond between your brand and its target demographic.

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