A Basic Guide to Stock Trading

There are many ways for a person to make or invest money so that they can feel more financially secure later on in life. While some may open up IRAs or mutual funds, one of the most prevalent options continues to be through buying stocks, which are shares of companies sold to give someone some ownership over the business. Even though it has caused a lot of grief in the past, it is still seen as a smart way to increase your funds for years.

However, as you might expect, this is not something you should jump into head first without a parachute. Stocks are a serious deal, and one wrong move can cause you to lose everything. Even if you put your faith in a broker, you should still take time to educate yourself before taking part in the market.

The following article will act as your initial first few steps into the stock market so that the idea of buying or trading seems less stressful. To help you further, look into getting professional assistance from a group like Stock Dads, who can explain the fundamentals of the process in terms that are easy to grasp.

Why Do People Like Stocks?

As mentioned before, stocks can seem pretty scary to some people, especially if you look back on them in a historical sense. Yet, they are still one of the first options others will tell you about when you want advice on investing. Though everyone has their own reason for putting money into a share, one of the most common explanations is how it can work as a great return on investment (RoI).

Even if a stock goes down at some point, there is still always the chance that it will grow, and once you are comfortable, you can buy it out and have more money than previously. At different times, you can also receive dividends from the companies you invest in, which are payments that are available to shareholders, often varying based on how much money you have put into them.

Stock Categories

Not all stocks on the market are built the same, with some being riskier than others:

  • Income Stocks: These are the shares that provide dividends to their stockholders the most often, meaning you will get revenue fast.
  • Value Stocks: Often the riskiest, value stocks are cheap, but this is because investors do not hold them in high regard anymore.
  • Growth Stocks: People invest in growth stocks because they have the most potential, though they are slow to show rewards to investors.
  • Blue-Chip Stocks: This encompasses all of the big corporations or businesses people are generally aware of, making them great for first-time stock buyers.

How to Trade Stocks

Buying stocks is not something you do like you are grocery shopping or purchasing a product online. Often, people go to stockbrokers for assistance. These are people who will help you buy your shares for a commission. However, if you don’t want to go this route, you could also opt to buy directly from the company using a Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP). Just keep in mind that not all companies allow this. To sell your stocks, you can use these same resources to help you.

To keep you up-to-date on stock potential without pressuring you to invest in certain companies, you could choose to use Stock Dads’ Discord stock channel to help you make buying and selling decisions. Alerts are sent directly to the channel with information about how well they are performing.

Stock Buying Advice

Considering how high-risk investing in stocks can be, it is essential for you to be wise with your decisions whenever you go to buy or trade. This will help you feel more confident in gaining success rather than losing your entire life’s savings.

For starters, it is important that you understand where you put your money. Even if the stock price of a particular company looks promising, try to stick with the ones that offer goods and services you actually use. These are more popular brands and are more likely to see significant gains in the future.

You also never want to put too much of your money into stocks. While stocks require you to be brave in some aspects, you should never put more money in than you’re willing to lose. Think about what money you need to have versus what you can use without worry before buying. Also, be sure to put money into more than one stock instead of a single one. This gives you more opportunity to earn revenue.

Be careful not to focus too much on the shares, either. Even though you can see how much a stock’s share moves up and down daily, this is only a short-term experience for them. By being hyper-focused on the little details, you will want to trade more often and possibly lose out in the long run. Keep calm and wait until quarterly reports come out.

Getting Help With the Stock Market

Even with all of this in mind, the world of stocks might still feel a little confusing for you. There is a lot to take in, so it is entirely understandable to have such feelings. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources out there to help you make smart decisions and keep you aware of the stocks you should be investing in.

Instead of working with a suit-wearing investment professional, why not get assistance from a group of goofy yet wise guys who collaborate to ensure everyone can benefit? That is where Stock Dads come in. Using a trading Discord server to alert their members of different trades, they take away the pressure that brokers often employ and only alert you of ones that they put their own money in. They do not make money when you buy a share, and information is updated in real-time.

Because they use Discord, Stock Dads is also a great source of communication and encouragement. This is a place where you can get to know other like-minded individuals and ask questions about trading. As part of their Hand Hold Membership, you will also get a mentor to guide you better in the trading market and Discord if you have never used it before.

Want to put your money through other means? Stock Dads also offer memberships that allow you to get alerts and guidance regarding sports betting and cryptocurrency as well! Click here to read more about the different ways their group can help you and pick up some dad-based merchandise along the way.

Stocks are a shaky investment, but they can provide plenty of benefits if you are smart about your decisions. Be mindful before making any step in shareholding, and use guidance when necessary. With help from a team like Stock Dads, you will be a stock market whiz in no time.

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