All That You Should Know About Carton Clamp

Are you using any carton or a carton clamp along with your forklifts? For all kinds of businesses, a forklift is one of the necessary pieces of equipment that is used regularly.

Now discover this new machine called carton clamp offered by Top Industries, that you can use along with your forklift which can save both money and time. If you want to lift your refrigerator with your 2 fingers then this new forklift attachment can help you achieve just that!

Carton clamps can gently but firmly grasp the following:

  • Appliances and white goods
  • Stacks of TVs or some other consumer electronics
  • Cases of wine, food, or other beverages
  • Just about almost any unitized product

If you have a carton clamp available with you then you can easily handle goods irrespective of pick place or any location, prevent any dents in your white goods, and also minimize product damage.

A few benefits and features available are as follows:

  • Thin-arm profile that is available along the entire arm will allow for ease of entry.
  • Side shifts will increase productivity.
  • Eliminate load support.
  • Securely transporting is possible with clamped loads at much higher speeds than any palletized loads.
  • Securely place and also retrieve loads in certain high-stacking applications.
  • Interchangeable pads with a 4-piece design enable the user to rotate pads for extending the life
  • Also, several pad options are available to meet certain specific application demands.
  • Straightforward installation attachment can be mounted on a guide rail as well as hydraulic hose lines can be connected, without any need for any special tooling or excessive downtime.
  • With high visibility, a soft stop facility for end-of-stroke slowdown and equal distribution of clamping pressure will allow an operator to focus on any load, without worrying about the attachment.

The following are a few things that you must be aware of before buying a carton clamp

1. Are you going for a removable attachment?

Choose between a permanent attachment and one that can be quickly disconnected before you purchase a forklift clamp attachment. Without quick connectivity issues on the hydraulics, disconnecting an attachment can take a long time.

2.  Do you require an attachment that will handle pallets?

Forklift attachments with carton clamps may take up both loads that are on pallets and those that are not.

3. Capacity and stability

Your forklift’s capacity will be reduced if you add a clamp, and in case you choose a clamp that tips, the weight may have an impact on the forklift’s stability.

Contact one of the forklift attachment experts or use the capacity calculator to get an estimate of how much an attachment will reduce your forklift’s capacity.

4. Updated data plate

When you change your forklift by adding an attachment, OSHA mandates that you obtain a new data plate.

It is time and money efficient to get a forklift attachment from a trustworthy vendor. A dealer can verify that your new attachment can operate safely with your current machinery, saving you the hassle of getting a new data plate.

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