An Assortment Of Different Careers

A person’s advancement through a number of positions and organizational levels within a single company or multiple firms constitutes a career path for that person. In most contexts, the phrase “career development” refers to the process through which an individual advances in their employment with either their current or prior compans. The individual has the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder, as well as switch responsibilities laterally or cross-functionally. It is common practice to interchangeably use job titles such as “career route” and “career ladder.”

The Importance Of One’s Work In Their Life

A career path is not simply a list of jobs; rather, it is an opportunity to advance one’s professional status as a whole over the course of one’s working life. An illustration of the many different options you have opened to you throughout the course of your career is provided below. The decisions you make along the road can have a huge influence on the trajectory of your professional life. When you make good decisions, you strengthen your position, but when you make bad ones, you weaken it even further and fall further behind. One’s professional trajectory is the final product of the choices and efforts they make during their working life.

When It Comes To Work, Jobs Can Be Divided Into Two Broad Categories

1.  Starting From Within

A path like this one involves climbing the corporate ladder through a succession of promotions held within the same organization. There are two distinct approaches that can be taken to completing a task: the linear and the non-linear. A corporation will provide its employees with a predetermined career path that outlines the steps that must be taken to go from entry-level to upper-level roles as the person acquires more experience and skill. When a person develops new skills, there is more than one path available for them to take in order to move up from one unit to the next.

2.  Outside

To get ahead in one’s career, one option is to take what’s known as a “external career route,” which involves switching jobs or even industries. One can begin working for an organization in one position, but later move on to a more desirable role with another company, either in the same industry or in a different one. When you change jobs, Career Path Example (career path ตัวอย่าง,  which is the term in Thai), from working in the sales department of a company that manufactures items to working in the sales department of a firm that develops software, you might find that you have to deal with new challenges and take on new duties. One’s chosen career path may eventually lead them into the world of entrepreneurship.

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