Are you a Canadian resident considering a car import? Here’s the right guide!

Canadian importers seeking a car import need to be aware of compliance with the customs laws to avoid legal hassles. There are certain specific prerequisites for imports from particular countries like the United States.

If you want to import your car to Canada, you may consider seeking a customs brokerage firm to handle the customs clearances. This saves you both time and effort in ensuring compliance with Canadian regulations.

This article takes you through the nuances of car imports into Canada and how a customs brokerage firm can help you.

Let us begin!

Importing a vehicle into Canada

Before a vehicle can be imported into Canada, it must meet the requirements of the Canada Border Services Agency(CSBA), Transport Canada, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Further, the importer should also contact the Registrar of Imported Vehicles to ensure that the imported vehicles are compliant with Canada’s safety standards.

High-value vehicle imports from the United States need to carry an AES/ITN number as per America’s export regulations.

Therefore, importing a car into Canada needs compliance with multiple agencies in and outside Canada. It can be a cumbersome affair for those uninitiated.

How can a customs brokerage firm help you?

Many brokerage firms offer an end-to-end car import package for Canadian residents.

The import services include the following.

  1. American car imports: The firm ensures the generation of the Internal Transaction Number(ITN) from the Automated Export System(AES).
  2. Submissions to Automotive Export Council: The agents ensure submissions within a 72-hour notice period.
  3. Crossing border: The customs agents are present at the site of crossing to fulfill the customs obligations on your behalf.
  4. Customs release: The firm undertakes timely document drafting to ensure a hassle-free customs release.
  5. Duties and taxes: The agency calculates and pays the requisite duties and taxes to Canada Customs.
  6. Accounting documentation: The agency ensures professional customs accounting documentation for the client.

Some tips to choose a customs broking firm

  • The importer should verify the authorization of the customs brokers under Canadian law.
  • Compare the service charges of different firms before finalizing a firm.
  • Check for last-mile delivery of the imported car to your doorstep.
  • Do a prior inquiry of all the disbursement and other charges applicable for the import.

Concluding thoughts

Importing a car into Canada can greatly be simplified with the services of a professional customs brokerage firm. Choose a credible firm for an end-to-end import package for your dream car.   

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