Compelling Reasons To Walk on the Entrepreneurship Path 

Aside from being a lucrative career, being an entrepreneur has attracted many people in business to move away from their current career and start their own business. And although there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to having your own career, it gives you the freedom you need to truly follow your passion and make the most of your abilities. 

So if you find yourself relating some of the reasons why people opt for an entrepreneurship career, you might just want to try your hand at starting your own online business startup

Creativity Does Not Match Others 

Veteran entrepreneurs have often talked about how they had a tough time fitting in a corporate environment. They felt frustrated but once they learned to move away from that environment and embrace their own passion, they came across discovering something more beautiful. 

According to Steve Jobs, “When you grow up, you tend to get told that the world is the way it is…Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.” 

Wanting a Lifestyle That Isn’t Nine to Five 

Most careers tend to have a stable nine to five timings where you can be done with work at the same time everyday. In contrast, having your own business is a constant effort and most of the time you will find yourself working odd hours. Hence, there is more flexibility to the entrepreneurial lifestyle as compared to traditional styles. 

Passion For Learning 

When doing the same job your whole life, you do not learn more beyond what your work entails. Whereas in your own business, you are constantly learning things. 

Entrepreneurs have a passion for learning and they are never satiated with their existing knowledge. They are always seeking out new things, getting excited about new things and being driven to understand them is just another sign of an exceptional entrepreneur in the making. According to popular entrepreneur Michael Gerber, “The entrepreneur in us sees opportunities everywhere we look, but many people see only problems everywhere they look. The entrepreneur in us is more concerned with discriminating between opputunities than he or she is with failing to see the opportunities.” 

And these are just a few reasons out of many – but if you relate to all of these reasons than it may be about time you should start considering a career in entrepreneurship. And the ideal person to help you in that journey is none other than Hetal A. Shah – a highly acclaimed Indian American author, management consultant, blogger, and YouTube vlogger. Since the beginning, many people have often praised her for her exceptional intelligence and entrepreneurial skills that have helped people in business from all over the world. 

Some of her notable contributions include serving as the Product Manager and Marketing Strategy Consultant for technology startups and volunteering for Boston Cares and Network of South Asian Professionals where she was the Social Events Chair and Professional Development Chair for NetSAP. 

Currently, she has been working on her blogs, “Smart Robots” and “Startups Coach” while simultaneously managing her YouTube channel, “Superhetalshah”, which talks on guided meditations and professional development advice from Hetal’s experience over the years of her professional life. 

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