How Can Businesses Use NFC Technology

NFC technology, like NFC digital business cards and many others, is now being used worldwide for its convenience and benefits. NFC Technology has a wide variety of uses not only for consumers but also for businesses. But can companies actually use it for their everyday operations? Here are some ways how businesses can use NFC technology.

Better service and customer retention

NFC tags can help businesses in several industries, including retail and restaurant. For example, a restaurant may embed an NFC tag in its menu to allow customers to checkin using social media, while a coffee shop or retail outlet may use an NFC sticker to provide customers with a secure Wi-Fi connection. NFC tags can also be used to offer customers discounts and other loyalty incentives for customer retention.

Faster transactions

Another way NFC tags can help businesses is by allowing shoppers to pay with their smartphones or NFC cards without using cash. This eliminates the need for a long line at the cash register, and customers can make payment by waving their phone or NFC card over an NFC tag on a product’s price tag.One study found that 40% of consumers use contactless payment technologies daily, and 75% use their mobile payment wallet multiple times per week. The benefits of this technology are clear: consumers find it easy to use and are more confident using it. Businesses can start learning how to implement this technology in their operations now.

Better security

NFC chips can be embedded into products for various uses, including the Smart lock. For instance, NFC-capable smartphones can unlock a facility door without a physical key and can even share a key with other people. NFC-capable locks contain NFC tags that can be recognized with a smartphone, wearable, or other tokens. Companies can also use NFC tags to control access to certain building areas.

Ready to utilize NFC for your business?

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