How Ehud Sharir started his accounting firm

Ehud Sharir was restless on his bed, he turned left and right trying to find some comfort. Ehud couldn’t just find the right spot he wanted. His mind was all over the place over the encounter her had earlier in the day. Ehud Sharir had gone to work that day at the accounting firm he has been working with for over 5 years. Everything was going great and Ehud Sharir was looking forward to the close of work so that he and his buddies can go and catch the game.

Just before close of work, Ehud Sharir’s boss walked by his office and branched in. He announced it Ehud Sharir that the company is currently doing some layoffs and told Ehud to try his best to come see him in his office tomorrow.

As Ehud Sharir rolled all over the bed, he couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to be laid off. Ehud has been one of the best staff in the firm for years now. He had won multiple employee of the month. Soon Ehud Sharir’s mind wondered if it was actually a promotion he was going to get and not what he was thinking since.

A promotion looked more likely to Ehud Sharir because of the years of service he had put into the firm without getting any promotion or anything at all. Ehud questioned the possibility of getting promoted when people are being laid off. “This was all my fault.” Ehud Sharir thought to himself.

If only he had been making plans to perhaps have something on the side, he won’t be this worried. Finally, Ehud Sharir fell asleep and before long, it was morning. Ehud Sharir finished his morning routine and headed to work as soon as possible like he always did. As soon as Ehud arrived work, he went and took care of some business in his office and waited for his boss to come in.

Around 9:30 AM, Ehud Sharir’s boss called him over to his office. When Ehud entered, his boss went straight to the point. He told Ehud Sharir that he had been a great servant to the firm, but now the firm can’t hang onto him claiming his salary was too big to keep paying. Ehud Sharir was absolutely shocked. His salary had been the same for years without any promotion and now he’s being fired. Ehud concluded the meeting with his boss and left his office.

That night, Ehud couldn’t sleep at all. His worst nightmare had come to pass and he was lost. Ehud wondered what he was going to do. Worried and tired, he decided to call his mom and tell her the news. Ehud Sharir’s mother felt sorry for him, she knew how much he loved his job and how good he was at it. She had always told him he will go places because of that job and how good he was. As Ehud listened to his mother, an idea struck him. He realized that he had all the qualifications to run a firm. Ehud had literally been the one handling all the affairs in the firm for a while now and he knew everything about it.

With that thought, Ehud Sharir thanked his mother. His mind was made up, and he was going to start his own accounting firm. Ehud had witnessed all the ups and downs of running a firm at his work place. He knew he was the one making all the big wins happen at his firm, now it was time to start his own.

Happily, Ehud sprang on his bed and picked up a pen. He began to list the process involved in registering his own accounting firm and getting started. By morning, Ehud Sharir had completed the perfect business plan.

Ehud Sharir started the next day as a renewed man, he had a purpose and he knew exactly what he needed to do. After two months of building and following the right process, Ehud Sharir’s accounting firm was stand out.

It was a beautiful day, Ehud Sharir was surrounded by his family, new staff, colleague and friends alike. They were all happy for his success, they were glad he had made it. After saying a series of prayers asking for more success and bigger opportunities, Ehud Sharir’s accounting firm was officially open.

That night, Ehud Sharir laid on his bed. He couldn’t sleep, not because he was bothered or worried. He couldn’t sleep because he remembered the last time he was like this, he was about to be jobless. Today, he owns a firm!

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