How to find a webinar topic

Webinars can be an effective tool in your marketing ammunition, and the right webinar strategy can affect everything, from your brand to your final decision. There is a cause why 73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders see webinars as the best way to generate high-quality leads under Webinar marketing.

You must develop the perfect webinar topic to transform your webinar attendees into high-quality leads under webinar marketing services.

Webinars permit you to start a conversation with your estimated audience as part of your journey to achieve broader business goals.


To produce acceptable results, interact with the appropriate audience, and show your authority in the respective market, we present proper tools, ranging from selected topics to webinar polls and reviews.

As we know, Voxturr is one of the best webinar marketing companies. Webinar marketing results can help you improve your sales pipeline, develop marketing plans that work for your company, and offer your clients and prospects relevant data.

Steps to find a webinar topic

A webinar topic is a key to hosting an event that engages your target audience and motivates them to take action under Webinar marketing.

You can’t just pick a topic randomly, cross your fingers, and hope it works out – you require it to be planned under webinar marketing services.

Acknowledge your ICP

Before we even aggravate webinar planning, you must acknowledge your viewer. Who would you want to enrol for your webinar?

To answer this question accurately, you must promote an ICP. Your marketing crew may already have ICPs or use characters to define your perfect webinar audience under webinar marketing services. If they don’t, it’s okay. Below, we will share tips and tactics for creating your ideal customer profile.

Any of the following characteristics can define your ideal customer profile:

  • Company size
  • Annual revenue
  • Budget for a service like yours
  • Excellent industry
  • Perfect company location
  • Any additional needs and requirements

Highlight your audience’s needs and pain points

Defining your ideal webinar audience is essential. But acknowledging their needs wants, and pain points will help you achieve your webinar goals.

When you understand your webinar audience’s challenges and issues, you can select a topic that provides high value and advantages under webinar marketing services.

So, how do you highlight your audience’s requirements? Communicating directly with your audience is the best method to understand their requirements. The most straightforward manner is to ask them. You can do this via email, or phone, by sending out a customer review form, or by organizing a roundtable with some of your valued customers under Webinar marketing.

You will need to apply your skill to their answers because often, a customer will define what they think is the right solution, but you may know there is a better way.

Determine your audience and webinar goals

You are ready to determine your audience and webinar goals with your ideal audience. Any successful webinar strategy starts here.

Your goals for your audience and webinar will inform your topic choice.

They help you identify a topic associated with your purposes and, more importantly, one that accomplishes achieving your targets under Webinar marketing. Your webinar targets refer to your performance assumptions for your webinar.

Customize your webinar matter to the customer’s trip

It’s crucial to acknowledge which phase of the customer trip your audience is in when determining your winning webinar matter under webinar marketing services.

The typical customer trip, going from the traditional sales guide into engagement and possession, is made up of five significant phrases:

  • Awareness – The journey’s first stage is where the customer begins gathering details.
  • Consideration – The second phase, where the customer researches solutions, finds your brand and compares it to participants.
  • Decision – The third phase of the journey, where the customer transforms.
  • Loyalty – The journey’s fourth stage focuses on keeping customers.
  • Advocacy – The fifth stage focuses on turning customers into company advocates.

Plan your content columns and collect topics

Webinars are rarely disconnected events. The webinars you aim for will likely form part of a more considerable marketing and sales campaign, or they could relate to the content you produce elsewhere for your business under webinar marketing services.

Whatever topic you choose for your webinar should strongly relate to your business goals, audience needs, and the products you offer. It would help to plan your content columns and cluster topics to establish these connections under Webinar marketing.

Communicate to people

Presently, if you are still not confident about what your webinar topic should be, declare! One of the best methods to find a vital webinar topic for your business is to talk to others.

It will help if you communicate to the people closest to your brand to get great topic ideas – your customers, your sales team, and your support teams under webinar marketing services. Each of the segments will bring something unique to the table.

Your sales team acknowledges the most common barriers of potential customers, your support team knows what active customers battle with the most, and your customers remember what issues they were dealing with when they identified and chose you under Webinar marketing.

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