How to Find the Best Gold Buyers in Melbourne 

You have searched online for some gold buyers Melbourne and found a whole bunch of advertising on Google who you can sell your gold jewellery too. However, you are concerned about crooked gold dealers making a quick buck. So, how can you determine if you are selling your gold jewellery to the right person? Here are some supportive guidelines to get you started. 

  • Always be informed before selling gold jewellery.

Whether you are selling or buying any item, you need to be informed before making an offer. So do your homework by checking out the gold buyer reviews online, and even better, pay them a visit at their shop. 

  • Check Current Gold Prices 

Most gold buyers advertise their rates on their websites. So, check out a few different websites to see what prices they offer. If the gold dealer refuses to post, costs avoid them. The same applies even if they post prices. The best is to double-check the amount you receive per gram. 

  • Most gold buyers only want the gold 

Unfortunately, most gold buyers only want the metal and not the stones if you have some gold ring with stones in them. Still, it also depends on whom you sell. For example, some pawnshop might be interested in a diamond ring they can put in their window, unlike a gold dealer who just wants your gold to melt down.

  • Understand how the gold dealers’ process works

Before handing over your gold jewellery for evaluation, enquire about the testing process and payment methods.

  • Avoid Price Ranges 

Be extra careful of a gold buyer who provides price ranges and cannot commit to one price. If you see them paying, for example, $8 – $14 per gram, you will receive a poor price leaving you with an unpleasant experience. 

  • Shop Around 

We encourage you to shop around for gold prices to find out what they offer. Ask for written quotes to compare it to other gold dealers. 

  • Take care with heirlooms when selling 

As gold dealers are only interested in melting gold, you will not get any extra from them for family heirlooms. In this case, it is best to look for another option to sell your jewellery as whole pieces compared to scrap gold. 

  • Read The Fine Print 

You will see many gold dealers advertising prices for you to more than $10,000 worth of gold. So read the fine print, as you may end up with a lower selling price. Of course, the same applies when you sell the gold and get a receipt. 

Final Thoughts 

With the above tips searching online, “sell gold jewellery near me.” You can select the best gold buyer to buy your gold bullion to jewellery items with the information. The important thing is to get the best price from more than one gold dealer. Therefore, the rule of thumb is to get three quotes whether you sell online or in person. 

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