How to Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted driving unfortunately something that occurs all over the Sunshine state. Individuals may be too into their radio, pretending to be Beyonce. Others are scarfing down French fries after dropping off kids at ballet class to attend soccer games. And others are too busy with their noses shoved in mobile devices to worry about much of anything else happening on the freeway.

Sadly, when people are busy with other tasks, distracted driving occurs, causing numerous mishaps on the roadways each year. In these accidents, those harmed may suffer from broken bones, gashes, burns, whiplash, and much more.

An accident can happen in the blink of an eye. All it takes is removing your eyes off the roadway for one moment for a mishap to occur. This may include reaching for a bag of chips, glancing down to turn the radio up, or keeping your sights on the rearview mirror a few seconds too long to see what the kids are accomplishing in the rear.

But there are various ways you can stop distracted driving. Here are a few tips that may aid you to avoid misfortunes.

Be ready for the trip. Set your navigation system before putting the automobile in gear. Set the volume on the radio so you can still hear what is going on around you, such as if a horn were to honk. Pick a radio station you will be content with for the duration of your endeavor, or until you are able to stop. Adjust all mirrors and the seat, and be certain you’re comfortable enough for the ride.

If you will not be able to avoid checking your phone, but the phone where you will not be able to hear or see it. This may be the back seat, your purse on the floor, or the glove box.

If you have a person riding with you, they may assist you in doing items that you would not be capable to do while driving. They can be on the lookout for roads that you may need to turn on or answer your phone for you. They can even keep an eye on the kids in the backseat if necessary.

You should likewise ask all people in the auto to be considerate. This means they should keep their voices down, and no horseplay will be allowed.

Think about any cognitive distractions you may have. Distracted driving often occurs when we daydream about various items. Or if we have a lot on our minds, we tend to let our brains take over, thinking about that constantly. Give yourself a few minutes before putting the car into drive to clear your head and focus on the road.

Know that if you need something, such as a quick snack or need to call someone, you can pull over. Look for a safe place to do so, such as a gas station or a rest stop. If you must eat while on the road, keep it simple. A hamburger with lots of toppings or a stuffed taco can be very messy, which is a tremendous distracted driving no-no.

You should likewise plan on driving defensively. Distracted driving can be halted if we stay aware of what is around us. Understand your surroundings, what is ahead and behind you, and if there is anything in your sightless zones. Keep your eyes on the highway at all durations of the trip and plan what you would do if the car ahead of you swerved or a car behind you came up on you too fast.

If you have been a victim of distracted driving, call a personal injury attorney, such as Blenner Law Group in Palm Harbor and St. Petersburg, FL. There’s a possibility you maintain a claim to be compensated for any injuries that you or your passengers may have sustained.

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