Is spiking a serious problem in strip clubs?

There’s never a dull moment when you combine music alcohol and naked dancing ladies.  If people behave badly inside the club imagine what they would outside – alcohol tends to make belligerent and loud case in point: Lydia Thorpe. Are these places as shady as everyone claims them to be? For years, there has been a running joke over the years about the alcohol that gets watered down. The rumor has it that strip club makes the bulk of their revenue form alcohol consumption, not so much from the performances from the dancers to rumors of spiked drinks.

The stories of men visiting strip clubs and waking up in a strange are man who visited the club said he woke up in the street near his home with no recollection of how he got there. Yes, alcohol will make you act strange but people have woken up with no memory of the previous night, all the money in their wallets gone and sometimes, their bank accounts emptied.

It happened at a London Bar recently. At least 10 people reported they had been drugged and then robbed.  Some claimed they were fleeced as much as £250,000. Some had the money stolen from bank accounts. Punters reported blacking out only to wake up in trouble. There are rumours of syndicates preying on punters and others will say it has been happening for years; that it is nothing new. The memory loss sometimes got so bad that some men couldn’t even remember the club or how they got there in the first place. These are desperate times and whilst a lot of Strip clubs are particular about this kind of thing and even going as far as vetting performers to check for any criminal history, it is something that happens right under the noses of the club managers.

The strip club industry like all adult entertainment industries will always have a really seedy element. With movies like Hustlers perpetuating some of the myths about strippers being callous and bordering on the criminal, the level of distrust is understandable. No one wants to go to a strip club for fun and walk out bruised and broke.  It seems callous that there are people who would take advantage of hardworking people, the salt of the earth kind of guys like fitters and plumbers, people who are just trying to escape the drudgery of their lives. The most worrying factor is not the money but the consumption of unknown chemicals that can land patrons in a hospital or dead. What can be done in this case?

Law enforcement can only act on tip-offs and evidence but a lot of guys don’t report these crimes because they are embarrassed. Clubs that are found to be involved in such practices of face censure from the law, the community and might be closed for contravening their licensing requirements.

Fortunately, at Bar 20 Melbourne’s premier strip club security is run tight and management have established themselves to run a groovy VIP bottle service style strip club catering to Melbourne’s rich and famous. Don’t surprised to see a celebrity or two partying away there. Stories of spiking are unheard of at an upmarket strip club like Bar 20.

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