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Nan Inc is a well-established construction firm on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Most people outside of Hawaii have never heard of this firm, and those who do may be surprised. Patrick Shin, a South Korean national with roots in the United States, founded the corporation. He had a long-held ambition to become a successful young entrepreneur. Those dreams were finally realised in 1990 with the establishment of Nan Inc. Together with his construction firm, he hopes to contribute to the development of Hawaii’s future. 

Net Worth of Nan Inc.

Nan Inc’s net worth is estimated to be: Discover all there is to know about Nan Inc from a business standpoint. We examine their initiatives, contracts, and annual earnings to determine their viability. Please keep in mind that the statistics in the table below are based on a large amount of data available online. The only method to find out the true figure is to look at their annual balance sheets and financial statements. This article will cover all you need to know about the net worth of NAN Inc’s founder, Nan Chul Shin aka Patrick Shin. If you don’t have time to read the article, the most significant information is included in the table below.

Nan Inc’s Net Worth is unknown. reports that Nan Inc had revenue of $190.41 million dollars for the fiscal year 2015. The fact that this statistic is incorrect may be stated with full confidence. This was most likely their annual income for the years 2000-2001 or something similar. I’m referring to the fact that they were awarded a $146 million contract to modernise the Honolulu Airport last year. 

There isn’t a specific figure available for Patrick Shin’s individual net worth (who is also the owner of Nan Inc) to be found on the internet. We can put his net worth somewhere between $10 million and $50 million, based on our best estimates. An even more precise estimate has been made by Zoominfo, who estimates that the quarterly revenue would be about $137 million (resulting in a total annual revenue of $548 million).

When It Comes to Becoming Successful

The tendency for a person to become more self-centered as they gain success may be seen in a variety of situations. Patrick Shin, on the other hand, was diametrically opposed to everything. As a result of his first success, he has become more humble and grounded as a result of his life experiences. He began to give back to a number of charitable organisations (see the video below for an example of how he aided a school in the Philippines) and even started some of his own as a result of his own personal efforts and time commitment.

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