Look At the Options for Starting A Singapore Based Employment Agency


Companies that help other firms in recruiting and staffing are known as “employment agencies,” and they commonly serve as intermediaries between employers and job seekers. An employment agency may be responsible with placing both local and foreign candidates for jobs ranging from entry-level to executive-level positions.

The vast number of small and major placement agencies and headhunting businesses in Singapore is a result of Singapore’s policy of welcoming foreign workers at all levels of management, from CEOs and middle managers to factory workers.

Obtaining an Employment Agency License (EAL) is mandatory for all employment agencies in Singapore. In Singapore, all sorts of recruitment agencies need this licence, which is issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). There are several different names for an employment agency licence in different countries, including:

  • The licencing process for a staffing firm
  • Licensing requirements for a staffing firm
  • Acquiring an agency’s licence

secretarial services

License for a human resources firm

This manual will teach you how to start an employment agency and how to get the essential permits to make it a profitable venture. If you’re using your company’s internal recruiting procedures to fill positions, you don’t need an employment agency license. For Starting An Employment Agency in Singapore it is important.

A licence as an employment agency is necessary for the following individuals:

Employer placement agencies are regulated in Singapore by the Employment Agency License, which must be acquired by all organisations and individuals that engage in such services. According to this, it doesn’t matter where the agency is based or whether it deals with Singaporean or foreign jobs. Employment agencies gather resumes from job seekers in Singapore in addition to engaging with them about their applications. Submission of Singapore Work Visa applications on behalf of employers or applicants is also handled by them.

Most states do not need an Employment Agency License for agencies that do not actively place candidates with employers or have a major effect on the outcome of employment terms and conditions.

Depending on the kind of candidates it is dealing with, an employment agency may choose to apply for either a Comprehensive License or a Select License Local or foreign employment agencies that place employees whose monthly base salary exceeds S$4,500 are eligible for the Select License. It may be used by employment agencies from all around the world. Other employment agencies who aren’t eligible for the Select licence but still need a Comprehensive licence may get one with this licence.

What You Need to Know About Starting an Employment Agency

Establishing a Singaporean employment agency requires the following:

Singapore is a great place to start a business.

Establishing a corporation in Singapore and selecting a business activity code appropriate for your recruitment operations are the initial steps before you can begin recruiting. In order to set up a Singapore corporation, see the Singapore company registration handbook.

Establish a business-like atmosphere.

The company’s activities must be housed at a physical place. Based on your business’ needs and budget, you have a range of options when it comes to choosing an office space. Be aware that the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore must be consulted if you want to add on to or alter an existing conservation structure (URA).

Following these procedures will help you get a licence as an employment agency:

The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore requires that the company get an Employment Agency License, either a Comprehensive License or a Select License. To be eligible for the licence, a business must have a valid business licence.

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