Most Profitable Laundry Services for Your Coin Laundry Business

Commercial laundry machines come in various sizes and the mix you pick will depend on the customers you’ll be serving in your area. Even then, most people think of self-service laundry when they talk about a laundromat — here customers pay (by card, coin, or smartphone) to use the store’s laundry machines. As such, this might be the primary service that your Girbau North America coin operated washer store provides. But, if you want to run an unattended store, then self-service may be the only service you’ll offer. However, to stand out in the industry, you’ll have to offer even more services other than a self-service laundry store. Other services you can offer and attract more customers include;

Commercial laundry service

Why not provide wash and fold services to local businesses in your area? To reach these businesses, look at ways you can offer a lower rate to the commercial clients since they bring in more regular and larger businesses compared to residential clients. As such, commercial laundry services offer more opportunities for generating profit from your coin op laundry equipment. Generally, when using the commercial laundry, you’ll be serving larger volumes of one kind of item — uniforms, tablecloths, white towels, etc. You can sort, wash, and fold these items a lot faster compared to laundry with mixed items from one family. Another plus is the consistency of the commercial services you offer, this lets you make smart staffing choices.

Choosing the right equipment mix

While equipping your laundry store with washers and dryers is important, it’s also crucial that you put some thought into the combination of equipment based on your customers’ needs. If for instance, you’ll be serving many college students then your store will need many smaller machines that will cost your customers less to use. Even then, a continual trend in the laundry business is the family weekly wash, which leads to customers using a larger capacity machine for their family’s laundry in one go. If you have Wash and Fold services – your staff or customers will get it done within an hour instead of a whole day if using home appliances. Also, when most of your customers are working parents, then it’ll be more profitable for you to have a mix of large capacity and high-spin washers in your store.

Wash & Fold

If you have more customers coming to your store due to the time they’ll save, it means they would save even more time if your business does the laundry for them. If you operate in an area with lots of people who prefer these time savings then you should look into offering wash & fold services. Typically, self-service customers will come in on weekends and at night — so you could use the slower hours to do customers’ wash & fold items. This ensures you generate more revenue around the clock.

Offer laundry delivery services

Along with wash and fold services, offering delivery services gives your customers the ultimate convenience. When you know your customers wouldn’t have an issue paying extra for the convenience afforded via the pickup & drop-off service, then this service can ensure your business stands out over the competition.

To ensure you have a successful laundry business, it’s important that you set your business apart from the competitors. You can do this by offering some of the above services for increased foot traffic and profits.


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