Start Setting Up A Business In Turkey – Know The Requirements And Proceedings 

Are you trying to set up an LLC in the Turkish market? Limited Liability companies are a common option if aiming for medium-scale company formation in Turkey. Investors prefer this as it offers a plethora of benefits to partners in various aspects. Being a capital company, it has an institutional structure. In case of loss, the owner would lose only the capital money. 

Let’s see how the company formation and legal proceedings go. This is where you can seek assistance from professional consultants in the field. It will make the path easy to deal with and overcome the legal steps. 

How to Setup for an LLC in Turkish?

When a foreign investor wants to invest in an LLC, he can seek assistance from legal consultants for guidance in Turkish laws. The first step for company establishment has to go through central registration proceedings. One should complete all necessary processes before opting for company registration in Turkey. Authorisation and identification of the company are important for smooth registration.

A foreign investor should have the correct tax number to register for trade permission with the directorate of the place. Turkish citizenship details and passport details are required for company registration and formation.

Prepare Articles for Association 

While preparing for an article associated with forming a Turkish company, it should include company details like company title, founders, the field of work, the purpose of company formation, duration of the partnership, and others. Besides, the capital details with shares and the name of the shareholders are important to mention in the article. 

The expert of Foreign Operation Consultancy can help know about regulations regarding the company formation. It will make company formation easy, and investors can invest in the right option. Any incorrect or incomplete company regulation can delay the registration and company formation process in Turkey.


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