The Forgotten Element That Makes Text Marketing So Powerful

Although most small businesses or e-commerce owners should be aware of the presence of text marketing, not all appreciate the power it can bring to their businesses. Business owners have seen unparalleled success after deploying omnichannel messaging and SMS campaigns.

Anybody who doubts the effectiveness of conversational marketing needs only to reference current statistics comparing omnichannel messaging campaigns with those of single-channel efforts: Omnichannel strategies receive engagement rates 250% higher than those of single-channel marketing. And it doesn’t stop there.

The average order value was 13% higher, and the customer retention rate was 90% higher. And when it comes to SMS campaigns versus email in terms of open rates, it’s not even close. SMS campaigns receive an open rate of about 98%, while email carries only a dismal 20% rate. What makes conversational messaging and similar strategies so dominant against other forms of marketing? 

Omnichannel Messaging Equals Convenience and Security

Tools like Mitto allow businesses to leverage the power of omnichannel marketing and SMS campaigns to bring about additional security and convenience for customers. Generation Z is one of the fastest-growing segments of the consumer market. In a decade, it’ll be one of the largest, if not the largest, consumer group on the market.

When surveyed regarding their optimal checkout process based on convenience and security, many members of Gen Z stated that without an option for click-and-pay along with some form of text-based two-factor authorization security, they would immediately abandon the sale. That’s another advantage provided by conversational messaging and text marketing that makes a huge difference and is a significant factor in the success of these programs. 

The Return of the Human-to-Human Connection

Since the inception of e-commerce and online sales in general, it’s been no secret that it can be challenging to turn a browser into a buyer. Users who pull the trigger and spend money on the internet must be guided into making this purchase, a method that, unbeknownst to them, while very powerful, is also very time-consuming and expensive. 

A customer has to interact with your brand on multiple levels before finally committing to a sale. One of the primary reasons for this methodical process is the lack of the human-to-human connection that’s present in face-to-face sales. This connection drives an emotional response and builds trust and rapport, leading to a heightened level of consumer comfort and, in most cases, a much faster sale. 

Conversational messaging via platforms like Mitto, while not fully replicating the in-person emotional connection, does create a portion of it. This small portion is enough to build additional trust in the consumer, leading to more security and confidence, both of which are key during the buying process. 

Add More Depth to Your Marketing

Leveraging the power of tools is the perfect way to add more depth to your marketing. People buy when they feel secure, and having the ability to contact someone from your company at all times and engage in direct conversation is a game changer. 

Making your customer feel like more of a name than a number is a win for both of you. Engage your customers with conversational messaging and watch your sales and marketing numbers multiply immediately. 

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