The Impact of Altium Packaging on the Plastic Bottle Market

There are many different approaches to sustainability. Some may take this to mean reducing their water usage, while others may think it means switching to solar power. Plastic packaging, however, is a noticeable shift that many companies have undertaken.

When it comes to polluting landfills, plastic is a major offender. To put it simply, plastic lasts a long time and doesn’t break down. Therefore, its decomposition might take hundreds of years. Because of this, action is now required.

Altium Packaging is one firm that has been useful in assisting firms with their packaging requirements. They’re beneficial to businesses of all types since their bottles contain the most PCR (post-consumer resin). This means that their packaging makes more use of recycled materials than the vast majority of competing brands.

The dairy market is a significant customer for this company. Given the volume of milk produced, it is imperative that the company use recyclable or compostable packaging. Farmers will be able to keep toiling and yielding as long as the land is in good condition. To aid in their efforts, the folks at Altium Packaging developed a revolutionary product they call Dura-Lite.

A Brand Name Like Dura-Lite Is an Optimal Illustration

Altium Packaging conducted a case study in the dairy business to ensure that their goods would be both visually beautiful and environmentally sustainable. Due to the company’s employment of the same kind of bottle for over two decades, consumers began to expect a particular appearance from the brand. Altium Packaging decided to make a modification like this. That’s why we developed Dura-Lite.

Dura-Lite packaging is unique because it allows for the carriage of maximum liquid volume while taking up the minimum amount of space. By doing so, 15% of the resin’s original weight is cut. Plus, it’s a much lighter and tougher than alternative plastic packaging options.

However, it seems very comparable to standard bottle designs, so buyers won’t be scared off by Dura-Lite. With Altium Packaging’s help, organizations may boost or maintain strength and performance while cutting costs and minimizing their impact on the environment.

EyeCon-Designed & Built Packaging

Altium’s EyeCon design is another breakthrough that helps organizations reduce their environmental impact. This container is distinct from others because of its square shape. This bottle’s tall and narrow profile means that more of them may be stored in the same amount of space than shorter, wider bottles.

There’s a chance the bottle’s design might shield its contents from harm, too. Damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays is a problem for bottles. However, EyeCon is able to filter out these rays, keeping the package’s transparency while protecting the product’s color.

Please Consider Altium Packaging’s Services For Your Business

Providing long-term stability is a great service to your clientele. As consumers become more aware of the effects their spending habits have on the planet, they are looking for ways to patronize companies that are making a difference.

Customer confidence in a company’s environmental ethics can be bolstered if it operates in a sustainable manner. Because of this, it is essential to collaborate with a plastics manufacturer such as Altium Packaging.

As dedicated to its customers as it is to its employees, the company has supplied packaging for brands like Hungry Jack, Seventh Generation, and Organic Valley. Altium Packaging is the best option for business owners looking to break into the environmentally conscious market.

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