Roll Cradles are an example of stronger packaging material, that helps to hold the product in place. It helps to hold a more tender product from destruction, an example is the tissue paper, the tissue paper is packaged with nylon outside, which helps to dispel water, because if water falls on such,m it destroys the product.  So, Roll cradles help to hold it and place it in a more protective manner that protects the product within. The work of roll cradles is very essential in packaging, and it can’t be overlooked.

In England, in 1817 precisely it was said that the first commercial cardboard was produced, which was used to package, and store products. The invention of packaging is very important because when products are sent from a country to another or from a state to another, or maybe a long distance it is subjected to rigorous stress, and the product may be destroyed on the way, so that is why it needs a proper packaging because it will help to hold it safely, and the product will get to it’s required destination.  Packaging a product is something that can’t be overlooked, no matter what kind of product it is. Even if a gift is expensive, and it is not well packaged the gifted person would receive it definitely, but the gift won’t be treasured, because it doesn’t appear with the form of attraction, all because it is not found attractive.

The Importance of Packaging is stated below, it helps to identify reasons why packaging should be done.

  1. Packaging helps to shield food from Contamination: Many a time it is not only food that can be contaminated, but also drugs that are meant to give health can be life-threatening issues because the drug is contaminated. Many other materials that can be used by human for the enhancement of our daily life are saved because it is well packaged.
  2. It helps to improve the life of the Product: A product has an average life, which can be shortened due to the stress or factors and condition that surrounds it, but when packaging material is introduced, it helps to even Elongate the life of the product.
  3. It helps to maintain the Originality of the food items: When a food item is produced, there is a tendency for the food item to begin to disintegrate, but the usefulness of p[packaging is that it helps to slow down the process.

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