Using Checks with Old Address in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Many people think checks with old address labels won’t work, and they can be penalized or imprisoned for handing over such checks. However, this is not the case. If people carefully research this matter, they won’t have any issues using the old checks. With checks being sent and received electronically, an individual can quickly fix almost every problem related to these checks. That being said, this article will guide people to see if people can use a check with an old address and how it can be changed. 

Can People Use Checks with an Old Address?

Some people tend to move around a lot and, thus, are left with checks featuring old addresses. All checks, regardless of old or new address, can work perfectly; one can make and receive payments using checks with old address labels. The only thing that stops people from using such checks is the fear of checks getting rejected by the bank staff. However, discarding a batch of perfectly functional checks is not the right decision. 

As long as the account and routing number are working well, the checks should work perfectly fine, regardless of the address. Naturally, an individual’s bank balance should also be in order for that to happen. 

However, when dealing in business, including e-commerce, exchanging a check with an expired address can give the impression of unprofessionalism. When writing a check to clients, business partners, subcontractors, suppliers, or customers, the paperwork must be impeccable. 

Even though it will not bounce, it’s in an individual’s best interest to be on the safe side and try to avoid all potential inconveniences. Moreover, valid information on the checks brings transparency, making one ‘clean’ if any problem arises. 

How can People Change their Address on Checks?

If an individual is thinking of changing his old address on the check, he can do the same by following different ways:

  • Method 1

It is the ultimate old-school method, i.e., pen and paper. First, a person can use an ink pen to cross black out the old address and then write the new address next to the old one. However, there might not be enough space to do the same. Another way is to print the address labels having the new address on them and paste the new label on top of the old address. 

  • Method 2

An individual can visit his bank’s branch and ask the bank teller to change the address on his checks. He needs to present his phone ID and tell him his new address. Bank might charge for ordering a new batch of checks. 

  • Method 3

One can change the address using their bank’s online banking tool and order new checks. 


Although checks are not the most popular mode of payment, many people still use electronic checks when shopping in bulk from e-commerce stores. Regarding the writer’s address on the checks, checks with old addresses can function perfectly. However, for a business owner, it’s wise to use the current address to give a more professional appeal. Using these methods, anyone can get the new address printed on their checks.

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