Utilizing AI to Identify Startups With Strong Problem-Solving Abilities

Corporations and large businesses can greatly benefit from the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that startups bring to the table. These dynamic new businesses are often more open to trying unconventional approaches in order to achieve success. Before Entrapeer, it was quite challenging to find suitable startups for your corporation.

What Our Platform Accomplishes

Entrapeer offers cutting-edge innovation management solutions that enable established companies to discover startups with technologies that address their challenges. Entrapeer utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to efficiently identify and compile relevant use cases from various online sources into a comprehensive database. We continue to go above and beyond. Our team of experts carefully evaluates each use case to ensure its relevance and contribution to the database.

How Our Database Benefits Corporations

Using our platform, companies can easily scout for startups as we meticulously organize all the information for you. Explore our database platform to find solutions to your problems easily and effectively.

The Entrapeer platform offers more than just a summary and contact information. We compile all the evidence related to the startups’ technology, providing comprehensive details on how their software, platform, or product addresses a problem. We also present specific use cases to demonstrate how each company has successfully implemented it and achieved positive outcomes. Through conducting thorough research for companies seeking solutions to persistent challenges, we streamline the corporation’s time commitment and guide them toward connecting with the startup.

How Our Database Supports Startups

Any startup that has a minimum viable product (MVP) and at least one use case can gain advantages by being included in our platform. By showcasing the value of their product or platform to other businesses, a startup can attract corporate and large business partners. Whether a startup offers a ready-to-use solution or a product that requires a demonstration or trial project, being included in the Entrapeer database can assist a startup in attracting new partners.

How We Assist Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

Explore the Entrapeer platform to uncover a realm of cutting-edge advancements tailored to your investment preferences. The startups in our database platform have already developed their MVPs but could benefit from the expertise of industry insiders, mentors, or additional funding for growth. Effortlessly evaluate potential investments to identify the ones that pique your interest without the need to attend pitch nights or group meetings. Stay ahead of the competition with our carefully selected startups and comprehensive insights into their products and successful implementations.

Explore Our Range of Use Cases

Are you curious about whether Entrapeer is a good fit for your company or startup? Curious minds will find their answers within our collection of use cases. Discover how we assisted a European telecommunications company in identifying a suitable startup to decrease its energy usage and expand into untapped markets.

Discover how Işbank utilized Entrapeer to find a startup that effectively enhanced its performance, reduced expenses and boosted revenue through the implementation of machine learning. Discover how we assisted a prominent European tire company in finding indoor vertical farm startups and those utilizing waterless growing methods to minimize their environmental footprint while obtaining top-notch raw rubber materials.

Contact Entrapeer Today!

Reach out to Entrapeer today to begin your journey. Startups – don’t hesitate to take the initiative and connect with us now. Please provide your information and use cases so that we can seamlessly integrate them into our platform. Corporations, VCs, and angel investors can now utilize our platform to discover the most promising startup scouting, enabling the development of mutually beneficial relationships that drive success across various industries.

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