What Happens if Businesses Do Not Archive Messages?

Effective communication is vital to the performance of every business. Whether speaking with customers or relaying information to stakeholders and partners, using reliable messaging platforms ensures these activities are carried out successfully.

Communicating through messaging platforms means that sensitive data is stored in these applications. To preserve them, companies use message archiving software, a tool designed to capture and store messages from various mediums.

But what happens if your business does not use a solution for archiving text messages?

The Consequences of Not Archiving

Message archiving software is not an optional tool for businesses. Regardless of industry, nature of business, or structure, all firms are required to have one. Below is a comprehensive list of consequences if you refuse to archive your messages:

Compliance Violations

Various regulatory bodies, like the SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, and the GDPR in Europe monitor businesses. These organizations are tasked with ensuring the protection of sensitive data from various customers and stakeholders. One of their requirements is the effective archiving of messages.

Without an archive, your business faces the risk of committing heavy compliance violations that result in legal action, penalties, and a tarnished reputation.

Litigations and E-Discoveries

Considering that messaging platforms – whether instant or via text – are filled with important information that can provide a brief background of a particular situation, the court has decided to use them for criminal proceedings. Referred to as E-Discovery, the court can conduct a digital investigation to find information that can be used for litigation.

Keep in mind that most messaging platforms cannot store messages properly, and in some instances, conversations can be wiped off permanently. Without an archive of all business chats, your company might be in deep water when required to produce digital evidence.

Loss of Information

As mentioned, messaging platforms are a treasure trove of vital information that can be used for a broad range of circumstances. Besides legal cases, data from business conversations can be used to enhance current operations.

For instance, past exchanges can be used to identify areas of improvement in customer service. Insights like customer preference, speed of reply, and response can be used to optimize marketing campaigns.

Strengthen Your Company’s Communications

Messaging archives are perhaps one of the most important tools businesses need for data security and privacy. Additionally, archives are helpful in obtaining the necessary information to upgrade how your company approaches customer communications.

Enjoy the benefits of a powerful messaging archive by getting in touch with LeapXpert – a leading provider of business archiving software.

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