3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand

If you have been in the online marketing field, you will appreciate the benefits of having a good personal brand. With a personal brand, you can sell anything you want online.

It is not easy to create a brand. Doing so requires a lot of dedication and energy. If you are willing to put in the effort, you can build a strong personal brand. Here are some ways you can do this so you can stay ahead of your competition.

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Write a Tagline associated With Your Brand

Now that you have a logo, it is time to create a tagline for your brand. A logo on its own is meaningless. It has to be associated with some philosophy or thought. A tagline will help you communicate the intent of your brand. It will give your brand a sense of identity and make it strong.

However, not just any tagline will suffice. Deciding on a tagline will require you to do a great deal of brainstorming. Your tagline has to be memorable. A plain or unoriginal tagline will be detrimental to your brand. People generally like fresh content. Having an overused tagline will turn people away from your brand. Having a unique and creative tagline will help your brand gain prominence.

Short taglines work a lot better than longer ones. Your tagline should not be longer than just five or six words. If it is longer, it will be hard for people to retain. Nike has been using the “Just Do It” tagline for decades. It is one of the most easily recognizable taglines ever created. It is just three words so it is very easy for people to remember.

Make your tagline a part of your brand. Use it on your website as well as on your professional and personal social media accounts. This will enable your brand to get a good exposure.

Before you build your brand online, you should consider getting a reliable internet connection. Get connected through Windstream to experience dependable internet connectivity.

Hire a Professional photographer for your portraits

Pictures and images often have a greater impact than just words. The same is true for your brand. Your photos and how you appear to matter more than people realize.

If you want to create a strong brand, you will need to look good in your pictures. With social media, people are now constantly in the spotlight and people spend most time seeing pictures. So having great pictures, even on your social media accounts, will allow your brand to connect more effectively with your audience. You do not need to be a model or be super attractive to have good photos. The quality of photography should be high in whatever pictures you post online.

Using the services of a professional photographer will help in getting good-quality pictures. This will subsequently allow your brand to become strong. Professional photographers have the unique ability to capture a person’s character and essence through their photography. Unlike taking a selfie, it will cost you some money to get professional self-portraits. However, this will be money well-spent.

Use a Personalized Logo

According to scientists, your brain can perceive an image faster than it takes our eyes to blink. We can interpret an image in a mere 13 milliseconds while it takes 400 milliseconds for our eyes to blink. It is hardly surprising how vital a logo or any other image is in maintaining audience engagement.

Creating a logo will go a long way in strengthening your brandand will help your followers recognize you instantly and will also attract new followers. This formula has stood the test of time. Companies have had this practice for decades. There is no way brands like Google, Facebook, or Coca-Cola would be as big as they are today without their iconic logos.

Summing Up

You can’t create your brand overnight. You will need consistency and determination to do so. It is a slow process. However, if you invest enough time into this activity, you will be able to create a strong and noticeable personal brand.

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