6 Factors to Consider Before Buying AR-15 Rifles

The massive popularity has made AR-15 one of the top-selling firearms in the USA. But there is quite a bit of struggle before getting your hand on the AR-15 of your choice, as these are available in various configurations. So, before looking for AR-15 Rifles for Sale Online, you must educate yourself on the basics. Following are the things you should consider to pick a good one.


Since AR is one of the most modular firearms, these are available in different formats to appeal to a wide range of users. So, assess your needs before you start browsing for AR-15 Rifles for Sale Online.

If you want one for hunting, you get them in calibers like .300 Blackout, 6mm ARC, and 6.5 Grendel. For target shooting, you need heavy-barreled guns with about 20-inch barrel length.

Build type

You get AR rifles in three build styles: the complete rifle, separate lower and upper receivers, and build one from scratch.

If you are buying an AR for the first time, getting a good-quality complete rifle is best. It can be a more reliable firearm if you don’t have experience building one.

But, if you can’t get your hands on a complete rifle, try purchasing lower and upper receiver assemblies and piece them together to convert them into a reliable rifle.


Whether you want a mil-spec or commercial can determine the stocks and buffer tubes you can use.

There is little difference in availability and quality in modern-day components, but shooters prefer mil-spec over commercial.


When the operation is considered, you must choose between a gas piston and direct impingement. The piston is expensive and much cleaner on the internal parts.

Direct impingement has a simpler mechanism with lesser chances of error. Gas gets directed into the tube of these firearms and is forced back to the key. The force causes the bolt carrier group to move back, operating the semi-automatic action.

In gas piston firearms, as the gas force reaches the gas block, it stops and hits the piston. The piston traps a lot of carbon build-up, which helps keep the rifle clean and enables you to use it longer between cleanings.


The commonly available AR receivers are either billet or forged and made of heat-treated aluminum. While you may get cast receivers, they are probably not the best choice.

The mechanism of making forged receivers includes hammering together two roughly shaped halves. The method takes less time and still leads to good-quality rifles.

Making a billet receiver involves a CNC machine that mills out the roller and a single aluminum block. This method is time consuming and expensive but results in unique patterns and designs.


You get a lot of options in handguards when you look at AR-15 Rifles for Sale Online. Budget rifles usually come with a two-piece plastic system and standard GI style. While this option is okay, to begin with, it is certainly not the best. Plus, these don’t have a heat shield and are susceptible to cracks if dropped. Instead, you can go for something more robust like two-piece handguards with steel insert heat shield for heat dissipation. These handguards also allow rail section attachment to mount forward lasers, lights, and grips.

When you decide to buy an AR-15, make sure you have sorted out your needs so that you don’t go overboard with your purchase. Also, remember you can change or add features to the firearm, so take time and get the basics right. But you should never compromise on quality standards. You may not consider purchasing from a manufacturer who does not reveal all the details about the specs.

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