A Guide on Product Sourcing from China with Supplybase Solutions Ltd

China still has a booming economy with numerous suppliers who deliver high-quality products to the UK. However, with the pandemic crisis going on, it is more difficult than ever to connect with suppliers in China. Supplybase Solutions can support all supplies from China for example homeware products, plastic moldings, electronic and mechanical assembles, finished parts, camping items, flooring tools, promotional products and more.

Whether you have an online business or a brick-and-mortar store or you are an Amazon seller, product sourcing from China via Supplybase Solutions is easier than you think if you keep a few things in mind. If you want to start a business where you plan to sell unique and differentiated Chinese products at competitive you can tap into the vibrant China market with its expansive supplier base using Supplybase Solutions team of sourcing experts.

Here is a thorough guide on how to get an uninterrupted supply of quality products from China.

Work with Supplybase Solutions to provide sourcing.

The advantage of working with suppliers in China via Supplybase Solutions is that we eliminate all the hassles that you have to face while sourcing products directly from the manufacturers. An expert like SBS will make the entire sourcing process a stress-free experience for you. Right from managing your purchase orders, maintaining an automated inventory, and delivering them to your location on time, they take responsibility for everything, thus enabling you to solely focus on the sales and profit earning. 

Moreover, when you buy goods from our experienced supplybase, there are fewer chances of receiving low-quality or damaged products. When you have superior quality products at a low price you may concentrate on the product sales and marketing. 

Look for a reputable supplier

While sourcing from China, it is vital to get hold of high-quality products for enhanced customer satisfaction and growth of your business. This is where a reputed supplier comes into play. SBS will perform factory audits and product inspections, communicate your requirements to the manufacturer, follow quality control measures, and manage the shipping times to maintain consistency with your needs. 

SBS will verify the supplier before buying goods from China to UK

SBS will make a list of the reputable suppliers and check their credentials. Buying goods from China to UK involves a lot of permissions. SBS will check supplier can comply with the export laws so that the goods don’t get seized in transit. We will also verify the supplier to check whether the company works as a middleman or has a factory. It is always wise to work directly with the factory. 

SBS will check whether the company has the production capability and technical expertise to deliver your products. Sometimes, it may take more than the usual delivery time for a large-scale purchase order if the supplier doesn’t have the required expertise. SBS will make sure the delivery schedule can be achieved before signing off an order.

SBS will work with your requirements and connect with a suitable Chinese manufacturer

SBS will which supplier is more suitable for you and your business, visit the local websites and search for the products you may need, we will visit their factory and check the factory is correctly structured.

After supplier checks and before placing a purchase order, you can request samples to assess the quality of the products and ask for any improvement, if required. 

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