Are Customs Brokers Necessary?

Customs brokers are the middlemen in international shipping, providing documentation and paperwork to customs officials on behalf of shippers and importers. They also help complete clearance formalities when needed. This is an important role for importers because most countries charge tariffs and tariffs depend on the type of product being imported, whether or not it needs to be inspected by a government agency, and how much it’s worth.

Clearit USA customs brokerage services are available for companies that need to import a large number of shipments. These companies may have so many imports and exports that they may want to hire customs brokers rather than rely on internal staff. Companies that regularly ship products internationally usually need to use customs agents because of the paperwork involved in shipping. If you are well-versed with trade laws, experienced, and already a pro in importing and exporting, then you might not need a customs broker.

However, there are certain instances when it is essential to hire a customs broker.

  • You are new to importing and need guidance

When you’re new to the world of international trading, it’s possible that you don’t know the ins and outs of importing. You may have a need, but you lack the knowledge or experience to deal with customs on your own. If this sounds familiar, then hiring a customs broker may be a good idea.

  • You are importing a new commodity

It’s not uncommon for a company to need to import something new from another country into the U.S. Sometimes, this product may require inspection by a U.S. government agency, so it’s important that you hire a customs broker to help you process the necessary paperwork with your government officials.

  • You are importing from a new country

Even if you’ve been importing and exporting for years, it’s still possible that you sometimes need to hire a customs broker. For example, when you are importing from a country that is new to you, then hiring a broker may be your only option.

  • You are importing a large quantity of merchandise

If you import a high volume of goods, then it may be best to hire customs brokers. It might be impossible to go through customs on your own when dealing with a large number of shipments, especially if many shipments require documentation from the Department of Agriculture or the Department of Commerce.

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