Features to Look for in HR Software

A business does not succeed just because of the products or investment. The real life of any business lies in the people who work in various departments taking part in the completion of different projects. Their contribution after all makes it possible for a business to bring a change and find success in the market. The productivity of the people working for a business is what matters the most. Finding the best talent suitable for a company and retaining them happens to have a lot importance. This is the job of the HR department. Though we can possibly name a few tasks that this department does, the tasks have elaborate steps. 

Such routine tasks easily eat up a lot of time of the professionals. But time is the essence that needs to be saved and utilized in a proper way to find the way to success. That is there is a rush to find efficient ways to do things that will not only save time but also help to cope with even the most complex tasks with ease. This demand has given rise to HR software that helps to accomplish multiple tasks with ease on a daily basis. The data in the software can be used for major purposes as well. While choosing software for a business, it is necessary to look for the following features. 

Employee portal

When a business can get all the details about the employees in one place, the task becomes easier. This is what HR software is capable of. The software can store and organize employee data along with financial data. Important data like position, joining date, salaries, insurance plans, paid time off as well as tax details can easily be stored in the software. Any authorized person can access these details to create any report or for any other purpose. Employees of the HR department do not need to put all their time behind finding the details and organizing them. 


The basic task of payroll is to calculate and pay the amount after withholding the appropriate amount of deductions and tax. But this is not all. One of the most complex tasks that also include chances of manual error is handling the different benefits and compensation including overtime and allowances. The payroll feature of human resource software (โปรแกรม hr, term in Thai) is capable of handling all these effectively. It is considered to be one of the most valuable features of any HRMS. An organization can enjoy benefits like easy access to bonus or reward data and less requirement of manual data input by automatic payroll. 


There are some routine tasks that drag down the productivity of the HR department. This workflow feature enables automating the notification system. All the participants will be informed at the proper time with the automated notification system. An organization can easily reduce the cost of manual paper-pushing with the workflow feature. Other tasks like collecting feedbacks, meetings, expectations of employees and exploring set objectives can be easily done without wasting much time. 

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