Save the Planet in Little Ways: Mattress Recycling 

Have you ever wondered about all the ways you can save the planet? There are plenty of ways you can protect the environment. One of the sure-shot methods is mattress recycling. What do you do with an old mattress? There are chances you discard these mattresses and they end up in a landfill. 

Landfills have reached their maximum capacity, so there is no way you should be dumping more of your things. 

The question is – What’s mattress recycling and why is it relevant? 

Let’s dive into the article to find out what mattress recycling means. 

Defining Mattress Recycling 

Mattress recycling is when you disintegrate or dismantle a bed and recycle it. Instead of throwing away the mattress, it is recycled and reused. This way the mattress does not reach the landfill. 

Why is mattress dumping an issue? 

Now the problem with mattresses in landfills is that they get damp and smelly. Most mattresses are non-biodegradable. This means that your mattress will be lying in the landfill for ages. 

Moreover, the mattress will start getting bugs and worms. It will cause sanitation issues as well. 

Let’s not forget that once the mattresses end up in landfills, they are taking a lot of space as well. The future generation will have a lack of space in the city simply because you chose to dump the mattresses in a landfill. 

If the mattress is donated to a recycler, it will end up being recycled and reused. Isn’t that a better way to go about it? Nothing gets wasted this way. 

Embracing Mattress Disposal 

Mattress disposal is a wise thing to do. You just need to give the old mattress to a recycler and let them take the headache. 

You just have to sleep peacefully once the mattress is out of your sight. Of course, you would want to change the mattress after a few years which is why mattress recyclers come into the picture. 

Don’t dump it! Dispose of it when needed. 

Mattress recycling isn’t a new concept – especially in Canada. Canadians are well-aware of this concept, and they are embracing it. 

What about you? If you have an old mattress, consider disposing of it the right way. It should not end up in a landfill, but a recycler. 

They will make good use of it. In fact, a family may be able to use recycled mattresses. Thus, embrace the idea of no wastage and donate your mattress for recycling. 

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