Diversitech Global Announces Irish Inspired Gardening Tool Brand in 2022- CEO Simon Hopper

Simon Hopper, CEO of Diversitech Global, has launched a new venture into sustainable material gardening products range under the Irish brand name of Gairdín. 

I’m very excited about our newest venture utilising sustainable materials. Not only are there reduced costs associated, but also an opportunity for innovation and creativity!”, Mr. Hopper added.

Gairdín, pronounced “Gar-Jean”, is the Gaelic Irish word for garden. Inspired by its rich cultural art, these gardening products have design cues featuring natural lines and smooth curves, hand-in-hand with modern functionality and practicality.

Innovation comes in the use of Algae-Blended Resin, a renewable and naturally grown biomass, that replaces the commonplace oil-based thermoplastics found in many household goods. Also, the use of ocean-bound plastics, captured and recycled before they enter waterways, are transformed into new materials, that would have otherwise ended up in open waters.

An ever-increasing demand from green-conscious customers and retailers, and his own personal commitment to the environment, that led him into creating gardening tools composed from recycled and renewable materials. Mr. Hopper concluded “these items not only are better for our planet but also designed with quality in mind.

The initial Gairdín line up will consist of a range of planter pots including self-watering types and gardening hand tool sets of spades, forks, and rakes. They are expected to be available by early spring 2022, with Diversitech now available to respond any worldwide inquiries about Gairdín and also its private label manufacturing services.


About Diversitech Global: 

Diversitech Global is a leading supplier of private-label tools. Having completed work for global retailers, including Fortune 500 companies, their products are designed by experts who understand what it takes to get a successful brand out into the market. Taking an idea from production to final packaging, including branding or even helping with marketing materials. They have a network of joint-venture factories that manufacture with the latest equipment for assembly processes and are committed to world-class supply chain management with their partnered sources and suppliers.

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About Gairdín Sustainable Gardening: 

Gairdín is a custom-designed and private-label gardening tools brand primarily using sustainable recycled and renewed raw materials that are certified by and meet International Global Recycled Standards. Gairdín is a division of Diversitech Global comprising 20 years of industrial expertise in Product Design, Manufacture and Packaging

For more information about Gairdín, please visit the Gairdin


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